Phoenix Ascending - Spiritual Metaphysician / Reiki Master
  While sating in a Shoney's Restaurant on the West Bank outside New Orleans in 1982, Gay drew what has become Gay's Logo and Phoenix Ascending.
   The logo represents Human Being's rise from the Red Base Chakra to the Violet Crown Chakra and the into his/her higher Spiritual Energies.  
   Gay has spend many years learning how to help himself and others how to maintain balance in life's journey through the use of the tools:  Clairvoyance, Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Tea Readings. He has also taught all these tools as well.
   Gay has created the Phoenix Ascension (a light hypnosis along with crystal and other tools to help his clients review their past that effects their life in the now, from this life time and from their  past life and their karmic debts as well.
   Check out all that we have to offer.

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