Phoenix Ascending - Spiritual Metaphysician / Reiki Master


  Gay is a gifted CLairvoyant. He discovered his ability after taking a TAROT Class with Simon Jennings in New Orleans in 1982.  There are times that he is able to see or know what maybe coming at the client, he knows that if he gives information that he see as having already happened and the client has no memories or knowledge ,then the information will come to light in the next 60 days. 
  Gay thinks this is caused by his be dyslexic from birth. 

 On of the first times Gay experienced this gift was when he work and lived in Thoroughbred Racing. He had exercised a horse one morning and when he was done he told the trainer that he felt that the horse had a problem with his right hind leg. The trainer had called the veteranen and Gay had to hold the horse for the Vet and heard him tell the Trainer the same then.
  Gay then came to realize what all this meant after he was introduced to doing a Tarot reading. 
 Gay was working in the Library at Delgado o  College in New Orleans where he was a student as well. He was working at the reference Desk, a student wanted a certain book from reference, instead of going to the card catalog, he went straight to the shelf and pull the book out and opened it to the exit page the info was on that the student needed. Gay had never before seen the book.
  After these type of things kept happening, Gay started to listen and  trust this intervoice and insight as the truth from the higher consciousness.
 Gay now lives with this ability with the responsibility that comes with helping other find what they need as they come to him He uses this ability with all the tools of his trade and with the Reiki and other healing techenics that he does.

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