Phoenix Ascending - Spiritual Metaphysician / Reiki Master


   Gay has been ding Palmistry since 1988. At that time he was working at the Bottom of the Cup on Royal St in the French Quarter in New Orleans. He was told that he and another reader named Ottis would be doing palmistry at a convention that afternoon. Having never done palmistry till then, Ottis was good enough to teach Gay how to read a 
palm, by show him how to using Gay hand. Gay being Dyslexic reversed the heart line and the head line, but not knowing this at the time. 
 The two left to go to work the convention for two hours. While there Gay and Ottis  started doing palmistry for anyone who sat down in front of them. d At about 10 minute to go Ottis leaned over and to Gay that it was time to rap up. Gay looked up and saw 20 people in his line. There where no people in front of Ottis.
  A lady sat down and Gay ask why everyone was in his line. The lady said, it is because you are better than the other reader. 
  By being dyslexic and reversing the lines Gay had been able to see clairvoyantly what took place in the persons life in childhood till the now. 
  Ask for a palm reading and see what show up for you to be able to know what may be blocking you in the now. 

Call 337-322-8538 for appointment.

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