Phoenix Ascending - Spiritual Metaphysician / Reiki Master

(Usis Shiki Ryoho)

I was introduced to Reiki in 1986. A friend in New Orleans had found out that a lady who teaches Reiki had come to Lafayette to demonstrate how Reiki was done so she would teach classes for those interested.
I that time I had the attitude that I already could do energy work so being the smart aleck or wise guy, I was making energy palm prints on a chair while the lady did her demo.
I can tell you that I wish I had listened and watched what she was doing.
It took me moving to Corpus Christi, TX in 1990 where I started to do my consultations and energy work. I live with a lady for about 6 months, who had a job that took her to Washington DC. So I went with her (we psychic's can work almost anywhere). I met a lady there who did Reiki and we did some exchanges. I really did not feel a lot of changes in her treatments.
We moved back to Corpus Christi  in 1992. I started to work at a shop called Star Shine in the Almeda Mall. This was a New Age Shop run by Jennette Hudson. After working there for a year I was given the opportunity to take Reiki 1 from Jennette, she had become a Reiki Master that year.
I still did not have an idea that my life was about to take a great change. After the first set of attunements, I started to experience a different level of Spiritual Vision and Clairvoyant awareness. 
After being given Reiki II and then the Master level my Clairvoyant availability increased to a very clear vision on all levels. I began to feel see and hear Spirit in my Consultations and the energy work became very strong.
To this day I am truly grateful that I was able to grow in the Spirit of Reiki and Universal Life Force Energy.
Now affiliated with ICRT

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